Pennsylvania hunting accidents trigger tougher regulations

Jan 2011

Hunting season recently kicked into full swing in Pennsylvania. So did tougher state hunting regulations. Poaching now carries a fine of $1,000 to $5,000; up to three years in prison and the loss of hunting privileges for three years. The penalties for illegally shooting other big game animals or a number of deer also increase from summary offenses to misdemeanors, according to news reports.

The vast majority of hunters practice their craft with care and sensitivity. But a small number of hunters disregard established rules and regulations. Some ignore private property signs and trespass onto other people’s land. Others hunt out of season, at night or on Sundays – all against the law in Pennsylvania. Sometimes, the consequences can be deadly. On November 11, 2010, a state game warden was killed while apprehending a hunter who was poaching.

Hunting accidents happen every year in Pennsylvania. There were 56 hunting-related shooting incidents, including four fatalities, in 2004, according to the state game commission. That same year, there were 26 accidental deaths involving firearms statewide. Such statistics are typical, with figures ranging from a 20 year low of 20 accidental firearms deaths in 2003 to a high of 46 deaths in 1993.

No one ever expects a hunting accident to happen to them or to a loved one. Such accidents seem so rare. But they do happen, sometimes to the most careful, conscientious hunters.

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